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Fairs, Festivals & Camps


Eddie will perform for your Fair, Festival or Camp with his Stage magic show, which will be very fun and a good fit for your venue.

Stage Magic


Eddie gets the audience involved with the magic and participants even become stars of the show helping out on stage. The music that Eddie uses in his shows will draw in the crowd. Then the use of body language and facial expression will keep them entertained as he does each routine choreographed to music.


Fairs & Festivals



Does your Fair or Festival go two, three or even more days? Do you want more than one magic show over the course of the Fair? Eddie will perform over the length of your event. One, two or even three shows a day if wanted or needed.

Eddie will perform using his skill with cards, coins, balls, bubbles and even rubber bands to perform some magic miracles. Yes, even the adults can participate in the magic! Everyone will wonder, "how the heck did he do that?" Don’t wait! Contact Eddie Today to see if he is available for your next Fair or Festival!!




Do you need some entertainment for your upcoming Camp? Well, Eddie’s shows are great for Camps! The same great shows that Eddie does on the Big Stage can be performed at your Camp!!

Camps are another popular setting for Eddie so remember to book your show early!

Give Eddie a call now at 928-710-1080!

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